Nippon Ichi has announced that a demo will be released for Yomawari 3 on April 14th in Japan for Nintendo Switch. Yomawari 3 is a horror action game where the protagonist searches for “memories” in a town at night to be able to break the curse placed on her. The game will be released on April 21st, 2022, in Japan.

The demo will include an exclusive original story that won’t be available in the main game. The exclusive story will revolve around the protagonist sneaking into a school at night with two friends to confirm a rumor they heard, but then the protagonist gets separated from everyone else.

About the game via Gematsu

“Memories” Lead the Protagonist to the Town at Night

Yomawari 3 is an action game in which you explore the town at night. The protagonist wanders the town at night in search of the “memories” that are the key to breaking the curse placed upon her.

The hints to finding these memories are everyday lost items familiar to the protagonist. By taking an item into her hand, she can faintly recall the memories she lost. If you go to the place you saw in your memory, you might learn something new. Relying on the hints from her recovered memories, the protagonist enters the town at night in search of “important memories.”

You can check out more screenshots and details here

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2y ago

Daaaamn I want that game localised so bad. And the demo too for good measure!