If you’ve been keeping up with our posts over the last year or so, you no doubt know that the Game Boy and Game Boy Color are alive and well, thanks to indie developers. One of those devs is Spacebot Interactive, who created Dragonborne for the Game Boy.

In Dragonborne, you play as Kris in his quest to find his father and save the region of Archend from certain destruction as the dragon’s start to mysteriously awaken from their slumber. Anyone who’s a fan of the GBC Zelda titles or Pokémon will no doubt find a lot to love in Dragonborne, and soon enough there will be a whole new way to play.

Spacebot Interactive is giving retro fans a brand-new way to visit the region of Archend with Dragonborne DX, a Game Boy Color revamp of the original Dragonborne. This title also throws in improved gameplay mechanics, a remastered soundtrack, and new bonus content as well!

While the game won’t release in full until sometime in Q3 2023, you can actually give the game a try right now thanks to a free demo! You can find the demo and all details necessary to try it out here.

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