Splatoon x The Legend Zelda Splatfest artwork shared

What I wouldn't give for an official poster

05 May 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Yes, it’s true—the next Splatfest is going to be a Splatoon x The Legend of Zelda collaboration, and it starts later today! In honor of the Splatfest, Nintendo has continued their tradition of sharing new artwork. You can check out the piece created for today’s Splatfest above.

Splatfests are limited time online events in Splatoon 3. The Splatsville and Inkopolis Plaza hub areas get decorated in a fancy way, and players can choose to champion one of three causes.

The question tied to this one is quite legendary if we do say so ourselves: Which do you seek? Power, Wisdom, or Courage? Do you want remarkable levels of strength? Or would you rather embody divine knowledge? How about wielding an iron determination through the darkest of times? Some say that you need all three to achieve perfect balance, but that’s not an option this time!

After you make your choice, you’ll participate in Splatfest Battles during the event—the goal is to ink as much of the stage as you can without getting splatted too often. At the end of the event, the winning side will be revealed, and in-game goodies will be handed out (with the winning side getting more, of course).

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