As you no doubt remember, Bayonetta 3 was announced all the way back in 2017. While fans were definitely excited about that announcement, their reaction soon turned to fear as PlatinumGames remained quite on the title’s status year after year. The longer Platinum kept to themselves, the more fans feared Bayonetta 3 was in development hell.

While fans were wondering what the fate of Bayonetta 3 was, little did we know that PlatinumGames was working on a second Bayonetta title at the same time. During the creation of Bayonetta 3, Platinum was also putting together Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon. This spin-off title would be announced shortly after the launch of Bayonetta 3, and arrived just 5 months after the witch’s third mainline outing.

In an interview with Famitsu, we learn that while the two Bayonetta titles were developed in tandem, neither PlatinumGames or Nintendo knew which would release first. Platinum’s Hideki Kamiya said this was the situation even in the middle of development on these titles, and Nintendo’s Makoto Okazaki mentioned that Nintendo was trying to figure out which title should arrive first.

According to Okazaki, Nintendo wanted to deliver the one-two punch of Bayonetta games by first releasing the title that would generate the most excitement for the franchise. After some deliberation, Nintendo decided that going with Bayonetta 3 first was the direction to head in.

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