The next big Pokemon merch collaboration is on the way to Japan, and it’s set to kick off May 20th, 2023.

The Pokémon Co. has announced a collaboration with Japanese clothing brand Beams and artist Yu Nagaba for a series of shirts, Pokemon TCG merch, and more. You can see a complete lineup of the merch included in this collab below, along with pricing details.

  • Osuwari Design T-shirt: 8250 JPY (Adults), 5280 JPY (Kids)
  • Osuwari Design Eevee T-shirt: 6380 JPY (Adults), 4180 JPY (Kids)
  • Battle Design T-shirt: 8250 JPY (Adults), 5280 JPY (Kids)
  • Card Design T-shirt: 6380 JPY
  • Bandana: 2200 JPY
  • Cap: 5280 JPY
  • Socks: 1980 JPY
  • Pin: 500 JPY each
  • Day Pack: 29,700 JPY
  • Sunny Day Bag: 17600 JPY
  • Tailmate Bag: 15400 JPY

Bags and T-shirts can be customized with cloth badges, and each purchase comes with a random Pokémon TCG card. There are nine options altogether, and they all include Eeveeolutions drawn by Yu Nagaba. You can get a closer look at each piece of merch in this gallery.

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