The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom could very well be Nintendo’s biggest game ever. That’s not in terms of sales, but game content. Breath of the Wild was easily Nintendo’s largest game in terms of scope and scale, and with Tears of the Kingdom building on that, the adventure Link is about to take on is absolutely mammoth.

With so many places to visit, items to fuse, characters to meet and more, you might want a little help on your journey. That’s why Nintendo is releasing the Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – The Complete Official Guide, which comes in both Standard and Collector’s Editions.

Those who go with the Standard Edition guide will be able to pick it up for $30, while the Collector’s Edition is priced at $45. Unfortunately, we don’t know what extra goodies the Collector’s Edition will include at this time. What we do know is that both versions are set to launch on June 16th, 2023, so you’ll have to do roughly a month’s worth of exploring on your own before you can get some help!

If you’d like to get a pre-order in one of of these guides, you can snag the Standard Edition here and the Collector’s Edition here.

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