Some of you might remember, for better or worse, the Donkey Kong Country cartoon that made its debut in 1997. The cartoon was a computer-animated musical television series, and it certainly had its moments, but it wasn’t exactly Nintendo-level quality. Still though, plenty of fans still look back on the series with a smile all these decades later.

If you’ve been jonesing for a Donkey Kong Country cartoon fix, we’ve got something that will definitely do the trick. Alex Henderson Animation and Bootleg Dub productions have teamed up for DKC: Return to Krocodile Isle, a spiritual successor to their original fan animation, Curse of the Crystal Coconut! Enjoy!

Best of all, DKC: Return to Krocodile Isle features the return of some voice actors who lent their talents to the original Donkey Kong Country cartoon! If you hear a voice that sounds familiar, you can thank the original actor, or an extremely talented sound-a-like!

Thanks to Eric for the heads up!

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