The 2D metroidvania ‘Blast Brigade vs. the Evil Legion of Dr. Cread’ is now available on Switch, and you can download your copy for $20.

Blast Brigade tells the story of a diverse group of special agents from across the globe who must unite against the evil genius Dr. Cread. When a seemingly routine mission escalates into a desperate race to prevent doomsday, the heroes must work together to not only save the world, but also safeguard the ancient heritage of an island paradise.

Players can take control of four different heroes who can be switched out at any moment to overcome challenges in their path. Each character has their own special abilities and gadgets that can open up new parts of the remote island captured by the nefarious Dr. Cread. Cause some damage with Jeff’s grenade launcher, reach new areas with Shura’s grappling hook, destroy heavily armored enemies and pieces of the environment with Galahad’s robotic arm, and warp using Vortex’s chakram teleporter.

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