Since the very first Splatfest, Nintendo has been creating unique artwork to promote the events. There’s been quite a lot of Splatfests from the first game to Splatoon 3, and now Nintendo has given us a place to enjoy all the artwork that came with those events.

Nintendo has opened a Japanese Splatoon Splatfest Art Exhibit. This is an online gallery that lets you skim through every piece of unique artwork that was released for Splatfests throughout the years. Unfortunately, this gallery doesn’t include artwork for NA/EU-specific Splatfests, as it focuses on the events that took place in Japan.

There’s a ton of artwork to sift through in the gallery, most of which will no doubt bring some Splatoon memories rushing back. You can take a virtual stroll through the Splatfest gallery here.


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1y ago

Neat, they should have had the different region artworks for Splatoon like they did for 2 and 3. I miss the Halloween and Winter decorations for Splatfests.