Switch reaches 1 billion units of software sold

Remember when people said Switch has no games?

09 May 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Over 125 million Switch units have been sold worldwide, which is an absolutely stellar achievement for Nintendo. Even better, those Switch owners are gobbling up software like none other.

Nintendo has shared their Fiscal Year 2023 results, and with that wave of data comes an update on total software units sold. Combining digital and physical Switch game sales, we now see the Switch has crossed the 1 billion software units sold mark. This is a higher total than any other Nintendo console.

To be precise, the Switch has moved 1,036,150,000 units of software. That includes both first and third party software offers, so there’s no doubt everyone supporting Switch is quite happy to be a part of that astronomical figure!

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12M ago

A wonderful achievement! It'll be quite a stretch, but I wonder if could have a shot at PS2's 1.5 billion units sold...

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