Ship of Fools will be getting the ‘Great Lighthouse Update’ and Deep Sea Duo DLC on Switch later this year, and today brings us a trailer and full details on what this update has to offer.

The Great Lighthouse update brings a haul of end game content that shines a light on The Great Lighthouse – the landmark right at the heart of the game’s hub – and sets the anthropomorphic Fools on a journey to restore the building’s lamp to its former glory. .

Alongside the new adventure, which on completion unlocks new items and cannon abilities, new encounters, and new quests, is the Deep Sea Duo, paid DLC that introduces two new Fools to the crew of the good ship Stormstrider who have bubbled up from the crushing depths below: Angus the angler fish and Jules the diver. Both Fools come with their own unique heirloom item that provides a passive ability to help at sea. Deep Sea Duo will be available for £3.99/$4.99/€4.99.

Further updates for Ship of Fools will be released in September this year, including The Great Lighthouse update for consoles.

Ship of Fools key features include:

  • Bombastic nautical combat – Frantic ship-based combat against colossal leviathans and horrifying creatures from across the deep, dark waters of the Archipelago
  • Frantic co-op experience – Designed from the keel up for co-op play, manage ship repairs in the heat of battle, reload and re-manoeuvre cannons, and use paddles to strike enemies as they board the Stormstrider
  • Endless replayability – Upgrade your crew and unlock items and additional Fools to take on the ever-changing seas, with multiple runs needed to avert the Aquapocalypse
  • A new end game adventure – Restore The Great Lighthouse’s lamp and unlock new items, abilities, and encounters! (Steam only, coming to consoles in September 2023)
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