Bitwave Games, a video game publisher and developer specialising in retro entertainment and part of Embracer Freemode, announced today that the long-awaited platformer classic Gimmick! Special Edition will be jumping onto Switch starting July 6, 2023!

First announced to much excitement in August 2022, Gimmick! holds a special place in the hearts of many a retro gamer, memorable for its loveable hero Youkai Yumetaro, incredible physics-based gameplay and astonishing graphics, which pushed the NES to its absolute limits. First launched in 1992 by platformer experts SUNSOFT, Gimmick! only initially launched in Japan and Scandinavia and remains a highly sought after title for retro gaming enthusiasts.

From July 6, 2023 gamers need wait no longer as Gimmick! Special Edition will be available for purchase via digital download on Switch. For gamers who favor physical, Gimmick! Special Edition will be available on Switch across the EU and North America later in the year.

Cherished by enthusiasts, Gimmick! has been rejuvenated with the highest levels of care and authenticity by developer City Connection, preserving the unmistakable finesse and gameplay which defines the game. For gamers new to this NES™ masterpiece, and those looking for a modern gaming experience, several quality-of-life improvements have been added which lovingly extends the appeal of the game.

Gimmick! Special Edition features Speed Run mode ideal for speedrunners who wish to show the world their skills. Alternatively, completionists can take their time and soak up their surroundings, hunting for secrets throughout the game and unlocking a surprise by finding every collectible the world of Gimmick! has to offer! For those craving a hard-core challenge, gamers can disable all quality-of-life features in Serious mode to crank up the challenge.

Achievements have been added so gamers can bask in their skills while showing off their high scores via the new Online Leaderboards. Platformer fans who find the world of Gimmick! too daunting to complete in a single sitting can save and reload their progress, rewinding the action to tame the more challenging sections of the game. With Gallery mode offering up a time capsule of box art, manuals and cartridges, enthusiasts will be sure to fall in love with this hidden gem all over again!

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