You may have noticed through the trailers, screens and art for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that Link’s hand is a bit messed up. It certainly doesn’t look normal, and it’s the key source of his new abilities. Turns out there’s more to Link’s revamped hand than first glance, as it’s an important theme running all throughout the game.

Nintendo has started an ‘Ask the Developer’ series for Tears of the Kingdom, and it’s here that the developers elaborate on the game’s key theme of ‘hands.’ You can see Nintendo’s Eiji Aonuma, Hidemaro Fujibayashi, and Hajime Wakai all discuss the theme below.

Fujibayashi: Titles in the Legend of Zelda series intertwine all the elements of gameplay, mechanics, and story, and combine them all into a single game. For this title, we chose “hands” as the key theme to bring them all together. For example, abilities that Link uses to solve puzzles are all released from his hand and arm. We even included this symbolically in the game’s mechanics, such as having scenes that use hands when opening special doors. This “hands” theme also crops up here and there as a key element as the story develops.

Wakai: We also expressed the “hands” theme by implementing handclaps and such in the game’s music.

Aonuma: Well, simply put, “hands” expresses the idea of “connecting.” This applies to the story too, which connects to Hyrule’s past. It also talks about a major struggle called “The Imprisoning War,” which until now was considered a myth even in Hyrule.

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10M ago

“The Imprisoning War” ???!!! Whaaaaaaaaat?!
The same Imprisoning War mentioned in the opening to A Link to the Past?!