Earlier today, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa said that there will be no new hardware released this fiscal year. That means don’t expect to see a successor to Switch release anytime before March 2024, but of course, we all know that one is in the works.

While we’ve likely got quite a bit of time before we see anything about Nintendo’s follow-up to Switch, inside sources are already spreading vague details. One such comment comes from a Nikkei article, in which they share a statement from ‘a source close to Nintendo.’

According to this unnamed source, “development seems to be progressing well,” on a Switch successor, “but a product launch won’t happen before next spring at the earliest.” That’s in-line with what Nintendo said earlier today, so again, we’ll be waiting at least a year to get our hands on the Switch’s follow-up, and likely considerably longer than that.


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22d ago

I hope it comes out next Spring. It feels like the ideal time for it.


22d ago

If it's missing the end of the the fiscal year (and it is) then that probably means holiday 2024. Gotta strike while the iron is hot. Though I wouldn't predict any later than that either.


22d ago

I did not Switch because Wii U, Wii, GameCube, N64, Super Nintendo and the NES should still be very decent consoles to play some nice new games on. End of life cycles are just silly business decisions that have no respect for earlier platforms and the creations for it.

I can only hope for everyone that did Switch that it won't be abandoned like its predecessors when this new machine comes along. Why should we make it hard to live in the trusted old city when a new city is being build? Should we really brake down communication and expansion possibility of this older city when we want more people visiting the new city? Should we really close down it's shops and its entrances?


22d ago

Pretty sure Nintendo understands by now that when releasing a new system it needs some damn good launch games (also third parties for more variety and...more games) and good advertisement as they did with Switch.

Mario Kart 9 has been a rumoured launch title for Switch 2, and that's a nice start for sure.

Mario Kart 9 would be a killer launch title. It’d need to differentiate itself from MK8 though to entice people. I’d be a day 1 purchaser regardless but I’m not sure what a MK9 could do to top MK8 tbh.


21d ago


In this case, Nintendo needs to close down things in the old city in order to make people move to the new one. Partly because they need to increase the difference between the two, partly because they need the resources that would otherwise be used to maintain the old city.


21d ago


What a poor comparison. A city doesnt become obsolete like electronics do very quickly. Electronics companies live and die on refreshing products and staying relevant. Customers are the ones who expect new, and staying still because the current (or previous) console is "very decent" would bankrupt them so fast because the market doesn't agree with you, and it never will.


21d ago

Not sure why people are still saying "considerably longer". To me, this reads as if it will be announced and released shortly into the next fiscal year. It will have been more than enough time since chip production began, and they aren't doing themselves any favors pushing it out so far when third parties are moving on to systems Switch can't keep up with, and even first party games are begging for new hardware.

But will it be that way forever? And is that the way you want it to be? The newest games on the newest consoles are having a hard time to be the best. The historical game library is growing bigger and bigger. Games can be more than a decade old and still look and play amazing. It is quite often hard to topple them with just a faster machine. The new game library is relatively small though, the difference is getting bigger, the media is ageing and will be more and more like movies or even books. The newest books aren't always the best to read.

Tech companies are often crippling their own products after some time to sell new ones. Look at pc's and phones, they get injured by updates. This is unhealthy, it is bad for the planet. But for how long will it be like this? Consoles are just a display, some processors and a few buttons, at some point they are just powerful enough te be capable to run endless original masterpieces, as long as they are written for it.

What I'm saying is it is not mostly about the tech, it is mostly about the games and Nintendo knows this. It is sad that they still choose to break their own systems every few years. I'd say don't be only about the new machine but help people enjoy what is already out there as well and maybe bring something new to the old consoles every now and then. This way the older Nintendo's will be new forever and we will keep enjoying games made with different tech caps and limitations. I'd say the best N64 game ever has yet to be made! ..and after some time OoT and SM64 may not even be among the best anymore.


20d ago


Agreed! How to top MK8? Well I'm sure Nintendo has some tricks up their sleeves and all that.
Some rumours said it will ahve some more online focus, yeah, rumours.
We can only speculate.
But those VR patents from Nintendo have gotten me excited =)

Anyway. MK9 for launch would already be a huge step in the right direction.


16d ago

Just make it a bit future proof in terms of power this time... orz