Team17 has announced that Monsters of Chaos is getting a free ‘Relics of Chaos’ update sometime in the near future. You can see that the debut trailer for that update above.

The Relics of Chaos update is bringing mayhem to the Sanctuary, with an optional new game mode, powerful items, and more!

The main focus in this update is the new game mode that adds a new type of equipment to the game: “Relics”! Relics are powerful equipment with some over the top effects, but often have some drawbacks or restrictions.

In Relic mode, you’ll find one random Relic in a random chest in every area. The chest has a special color and contains its normal items along with the Relic. Additionally, you can get random Relics from reward boxes and buy Relics from the new Arena Coupon NPC once you’ve reached the Keeper Master rank. There are 39 Relics total, and they are not allowed in PvP matchmaking. In private lobbies they can be enabled.

If you’d like to see the full breakdown of this update, including the patch notes, you can find the details here.


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