Season 25 of Pokémon the Series marks the final stretch of Ash and Pikachu’s legendary journey in the animated series. You’ll be able to watch the first chapter of this adventure whenever you want now that Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series Part 1 is available to rent or purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. This collection includes the first 12 episodes of the season, and future volumes will complete the set.

In Part 1, Ash wants to take Gengar’s training to the next level by having it Gigantamax, and a usually shy Gym Leader is eager to help! Back home, Ren must protect Francois when the city’s Magnemite begin to rampage. Then, it’s time for reunions as Team Rocket runs into old rivals, Ash and Goh visit Sophocles, and Goh joins Gary and Horace in a Project Mew trial mission. Meanwhile, Chloe and Eevee continue to explore Eevee’s potential Evolutions, and Ash and Gengar face Marnie in battle. And when Ash and Leon team up for special training, what kind of Pokémon adventure awaits?

Head over to iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play now to bring home Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series Part 1!

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