Believe it or not, Inti Creates is celebrating its 27th anniversary! In honor of the occasion, Inti Creates CEO Takuya Aizu shared a message on Twitter with fans. Unfortunately, that message also shared a sad note about the Gunvolt series.

While the Gunvolt franchise isn’t completely dead, it does seem like Inti Creates is stepping away from things right now. Following Aizu’s celebratory tweet, a fan reached out about the Gunvolt games. This is where Aizu mentioned that the Gunvolt games are stopping for the time being. You can see Aizu’s original tweet and response to the fan below.

“Today, May 8th, marks the founding day of Inti Creates. We have been around for 27 years. We are grateful for the support of our staff, who work together to create wonderful games, as well as the actors, individual producers, production companies, and above all, our fans! Thank you, everyone!

Aizu’s response to a fan: Thank you very much! I’m glad that you have been playing since Mega Man Zero. The Gunvolt series has come to a close for now, but I think it’s time to start thinking about future developments. Although it is not Gunvolt, please look forward to our completely new project!”

[Takuya Aizu, Inti Creates CEO]

It’s important o note that Aizu uses the word 段落 in his message, which means “to reach a stopping place, to settle down (before the next stage).”

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