Nintendo survey asks players what kind of experience they want from Pikmin 4

A realistic, down-to-earth game that's complete off-the-wall

10 May 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Pikmin 4 is coming out July 21st, 2023, which means the game is most likely content-complete by now. That’s probably the easy part of the experience for Nintendo, with advertising being the hard part. The Pikmin franchise has always had trouble finding an audience, but now it looks like Nintendo is determined to fix that with Pikmin 4.

Nintendo is sending out a survey to select My Nintendo members pertaining to Pikmin 4, and it asks a number of questions about the game. One part of the survey in particular asks respondents to share their thoughts on what kind of game they’d like Pikmin 4 to be. You can see the question in full below.

Nintendo obviously isn’t going to change the gameplay or content of Pikmin 4 based on the survey’s results, as it’s too late in the game to do that. What they can do is read this feedback and see the best way to approach marketing to woo a wider audience.

Whatever Nintendo ends up doing, let’s hope Pikmin 4 follows the trend of franchises that arrive on Switch and see their greatest sales yet.

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1y ago

Pikmin 3 is nearly perfect. It is hard to imagine a better Pikmin game.. Maybe they'll land their spaceships in Tears of the Kingdom to fight against Link in the end and gather cooking ingredients and flying gear. That could be interesting ^-^