Disney CEO congratulates Universal on the Super Mario Bros. Movie's success

The House of Mouse applauds the Mansion of Minions

11 May 2023
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Many, many years ago, Nintendo and Universal teamed up for a multi-tiered partnership. That collaboration resulted in not only Super Nintendo World at Universal’s theme parks, but also, the Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Following the movie’s release, it’s clear the partnership between Nintendo and Universal was a very smart deal. The Super Mario Bros. Movie has soared past $1 billion at the box office in less than 5 weeks, and there’s no doubt it’ll climb even higher. Factor in the upcoming home release sales, and it’s easy to imagine the movie bringing in another $1 billion+.

While Disney is no stranger to success, they obviously wish they were seeing the current box office success that Universal has with the Super Mario Bros. Movie. Rather than seeing the box office returns and turning bitter, Disney CEO Bob Iger took the high road and congratulated the rival on their achievement.

“Allow me to digress for a moment to congratulate Universal for the tremendous success of Super Mario Brothers. It certainly proves people love to be entertained in theatres around the world and it gives us reason to be optimistic about the movie business.”

[Disney CEO Bob Iger]

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