Bonus Stage Publishing has announced that Local News with Cliff Rockslide is launching for Switch today. The game is priced at $10 and takes up 1.8 GB of space.

Set in Butterfly Valley, you’ll be working as the cameraperson for the Valley’s most popular (and only) news streamer, Cliff Rockslide. With just seven subscribers, it’s your job to help Cliff grow his channel and become a household name. No pressure, right?

“Local News with Cliff Rockslide” is an FPS-style game that provides players with a fresh and exciting way to experience comedy. It features a carefully crafted storyline written by professionals in the comedy industry, with the story focusing on cults, vegetables, and geometry. The player will learn to be a successful journalist, media person, content creator, and influencer all in one package in this unique experience.

In addition to the exciting storyline, “Local News with Cliff Rockslide” features an array of unique gameplay mechanics that promise to keep players engaged and entertained. The player will wield their camera like a weapon, providing them with complete control of the broadcast. The game offers no combat, but it does feature a variety of quick-time events that players must overcome to progress through the game.

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