The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is finally almost here, coming to Switch this Friday, May 12th. The media has gotten their hands on the anticipated game early though, and a plethora of reviews have gone live. So far, the Breath of the Wild sequel is sitting at an insanely impressive 97/100 on Metacritic. Check out a handful of video reviews and gameplay footage below.

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1y ago

Looking like it could very well beat out Breath of the Wild!

I won't be watching the review videos just yet until I'm at least 20 hours in having stayed clear of spoilers and having just received delivery confirmation that it's sitting on my door mat at home :-)

So excited to pop in the cartridge tonight!

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1y ago

I honestly expected a ~92, basically a penalty relative to the first game for not changing enough aesthetically. Apparently lightning can indeed strike twice (especially if you use a metal weapon in a thunderstorm).


1y ago

I'll not be checking the reviews. I'd like to play it later on my own pace without being influenced by the hype from commercial review websites. I feel they are probably to hasty in giving their eternal judgement anyway.

I might read some reviews a year or two from now from reviewers that have actually taken their time to really play the entire game. Hopefully they enjoyed spending all this time with it ^-^

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