Shumi Come Home, the upcoming cozy adventure name, has undergone a name change. A statement from the dev and pub have confirmed that the game will now be called Smushi Come Home. You can read the full announcement of this name change below.

“It’s been a difficult week or so since I was hit with this news, but unfortunately I must change the name of my character for legal reasons. We tried finding a different solution and keep the original name, but that didn’t work out.

I’ve decided to rename my character to Smushi (pronounced Smush-y), making the new title of my game Smushi Come Home. It was a difficult decision to make since all I want to bring people happiness and joy and my character is a big part of that.

I hope you come to like the new name just as much as I already have and am really looking forward to everyone finally playing! Seeing people of all ages across the world be excited for my little game brings me more joy than you can imagine and I feel truely blessed. And rest assured, Smushi Come Home is coming out very soon and I hope you’re still as excited as I am for its release!

Thanks for being such an amazing community!”

[Statement by developer Noah Lone (SomeHumbleOnion)]

Smushi Come Home is a cozy exploration adventure game where you play as a tiny mushroom who’s trying to get back home! Play as Smushi, who was taken from its home unexpectedly and dropped into the middle of the forest. Lost and confused, you must journey through different areas of the forest and find your way back with the help of your new tools and fellow forest creatures!

[PR email]

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1y ago

Some of this article still addresses Smushi by its previous name!


1y ago


Goof on my part. Thanks to your comment, I realized the issue and came in to fix!