Here we go again, gang. Whenever we’re in the area of one Nintendo system slowly shuffling off and the next coming in, the speculation runs rampant. Some of it is based on fiction, while other tidbits are tied to facts. Today, we have some factual information to share, but we don’t know if it’s tied to Nintendo at this time. (h/t VGC)

Electronics manufacturer Sharp has confirmed that they’re working on LCD displays for ‘a new console.’ Sharp Chief Executive Officer Robert Wu went so far as to confirm that their company has been involved with this console since the research and development phase, but stopped short in naming the partner.

What we do know is that Sharp has worked with Nintendo in the past. They’ve played a part in the production of both the DS and the Switch, so it’s not crazy to think the two would pair up again. As to whether Nintendo’s behind Sharp’s next gaming project, that remains to be seen.

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1y ago

If production starts soon... Well damn all this Switch 2 speculation =D But sure could make it look like they are getting ready. It could be an April 2024 launch all things considered .


1y ago

I want to believe it's the next switch.
But could it be just one of the many recent "Switch clones"?


1y ago

What could it be they've been working on? Could it be a Switch DS?


1y ago

LCD huh

even if the specs are a lot better won't that still be a downgrade compared to the Switch OLEDs people are using right now? (until they release a Switch2 OLED 3 years after the Switch2)


1y ago

If Nintendo is releasing a new console why would they go back to LCD. This doesn't make sense unless it's NOT Nintendo.

dark weres

1y ago

Not too "Sharp" to let that one leak, are they? Har.