The Last Spell has been updated to Ver. You can see the patch notes for this update below.


  • Fixed the skill “Leapfrog” not taken into account for lifetime stats (“Walls jumped”) and meta progression
  • Fixed bosses having a debug key name in the “Nemesis” lifetime stat
  • Fixed total essence decrease before increase when getting the collection “No time to waste”
  • Fixed the building actions UI breaking when using the UI scale option
  • Fixed Heroes not being able to be generated with Medium or Heavy armors (body armors & pants)
  • Fixed ballistae playing during victory sequence and breaking the camera in the victory cinematic
  • Fixed the meta condition “Have a Hero reach X in Y attribute” that was not refreshed when having an attribute increase due by a perk
  • Fixed “Blood Magic” perk not refreshing the replaced perks
  • Fixed unit portrait hover/click not working as intended
  • Fixed the poison damage attribute of the “Poison Daggers Scroll” not matching the Dagger’s Poison Daggers skill
  • Fixed the contagion alteration behaviour: should not propagate several times during the same cast (or rather multi-hit iteration)
  • Fixed some save corruptions happening when the computer crashed (blue screens, power cuts…)
  • Units spawned by enemies’ skill don’t destroy traps and warp gates anymore
  • Shifting buildings on the final map are now destroyed by the fog at the beginning of the night
  • Shifting buildings and Mist censer can’t spawn on warp gates anymore
  • Fixed a controller bug where the player could to buy an unselected item in the reward menu
  • Fixed a controller bug where after leaving the reward panel without choosing a reward the cursor remain displayed
  • Fixed the meta condition “Stun X enemies.” which now counts every types of stun on enemies (including traps)
  • Fixed Hero attribute tooltips not updating when switching hero using hotkeys
  • Fixed a bug where players can open the Night Reward panel with the character sheet open
  • Fixed Achievements “Taste the pain” and “Embrace the pain” that could be unlocked with the Boundless mode activated
  • Fixed Head-on and Inertia perks incrementing their counter when reloading a run during the night
  • Fixed the Specialist perk not working when reloading a run during the night
  • Fixed the Kindled enemy not being affected by apocalypse bonuses
  • Fixed the skill hotkey in the Heroes how to play being displayed as “unassigned”
  • Fixed the level up button disappering after using the Hero customization tab
  • Fixed hero customization tab sometimes saving some attributes when leaving with the Esc key
  • Fixed Corpses sounds volume
  • Fixed some texts that were not updated after changing the name of a Hero
  • Fixed a text in the commander journal that was not displayed correctly in all non-Latin languages
  • Fixed the Druidic staff skill order that was not correct on some variations
  • Fixed the omen tooltip remaining on screen when quitting the omen panel
  • Fixed some visual bugs on the goddess of the Oraculum
  • Fixed Oraculum button disappearing on load
  • Fixed the city stash that was unavailable if the player opened the level tab through the end-day warning
  • Fixed a navigation problem with controllers on the level up tab
  • Fixed some bugs on the perk planner
  • Fixed Shop item slots being draggable despite being sold out
  • Fixed a red pixel appearing on the world map
  • Fixed the text for the “Charge Scroll” skill which was displaying a key code instead of the skill’s name.
  • Fixed a softlock occurring when taking the perk “Explosive Hemoglobin”
  • Fixed a softlock occurring when corpses spawn on the same tile as a hero.
  • Fixed the text for the “Bee Sting Scroll” skill which was displaying a key code instead of the skill’s name.


  • Placing a building now moves the heroes underneath if needed
  • Improved sound mixing for skills, enemies and Corpses

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