Loop8: Summer of Gods 'Yomotsu Hirasaka' gameplay

Welcome to the world of Yomotsu Hirasaka

11 May 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Publisher Marvelous and developer SIEG Games have released a new video for Loop8: Summer of Gods. This video goes over Yomotsu Hirasaka, a world located on the border between our world and the underworld. There, the player will find trials that will test the strengths of the characters’ bonds and their battle prowess, along with battles against the Kegai. Overcome the trials and take down the Kegai!

A coming-of-age RPG, Loop8: Summer of Gods follows protagonist Nini and his classmates as they try to defeat the Kegai, demonic entities who have forced humanity to the brink of extinction. Raised on a failed space station known as “Hope,” Nini returns to Earth to spend his summer in Ashihara, one of humanity’s last remaining sanctuaries. Gifted with “Demon Sight,” Nini can use his special connection to the gods to reset the world, with each loop allowing him and his allies to relive the 8th month over and over until they get it right…or the Kegai overwhelm them entirely.

Developed by SIEG Games and Marvelous Inc. and published by XSEED Games, Loop8: Summer of Gods will release on June 6, 2023 for the Switch.


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