Just yesterday, we mentioned that Nintendo had sent out a survey to some My Nintendo users about Pikmin 4. We made note of how that survey asked players what they wanted from Pikmin 4, but it turns out there’s also some details about gameplay in the survey as well.

One part of the survey in particular details some gameplay elements Pikmin fans have suspected since Nintendo last released footage of Pikmin 4. According to the survey, Pikmin 4 will include “puzzle-filled caves” where you have to “carefully manage your resources until you escape.” That doesn’t seem too outside the usual scope of Pikmin titles, but the next tidbit certainly does.

The Pikmin 4 survey also makes mention of “embarking on night-time missions that feature new and intense gameplay.” Pikmin fans know that at the end of the day, you return to your ship and take off above the planet to hide safely in the atmosphere. This is because the creatures in Pikmin turn incredibly ferocious once the sun sets. It looks like this time around, we’ll have boots on the field for some fearsome face-offs!

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That's awesome ^-^

Pikmin 4 for GotY!