Since Tears of the Kingdom is a direct sequel to Breath of the Wild and the game takes place in the same world, comparison videos were bound to be plenty, showcasing the differences between both titles.

In this video by ‘ElAnalistaDeBits’, they focus on draw distance, loading times, FPS, and more. Don’t miss out on it if you are curious about how the two games compare!

Notes from the comment section of the video:

  • TOTK runs at 900p dynamic and 720p dynamic on handheld. It usually stays at that resolution, but can drop to 792p.
  • There are some issues with implementing temporal reconstruction (FSR) in TOTK, randomly triggering dynamic resolution when, technically, it should not.
  • TOTK fixes the stuttering problems that dragged Breath of the Wild in specific areas, but has framerate problems if we use the powers in areas with too much graphic load or when there are too many npcs on screen.
  • These framerate problems can cause drops of up to 20fps. Nintendo should work on this mainly.
  • Longer drawing distance in shadows compared to breath of the wild. Vegetation and geometry LOD have also been slightly increased.
  • The sun has changed its position in TOTK. The general illumination has been retouched and improved.
  • Some areas are almost unrecognizable with respect to BOTW given the large amount of assets and new structures added.
  • Improvements in some textures.
  • Less grass density in some areas with respect to BOTW.
  • Faster loading times in TOTK in fast travel, but faster in BOTW when starting the game.
  • Improved water and splash quality.
  • Overall, TOTK is some of the most technically meritorious games I’ve seen on Switch. However, the performance at certain times tarnishes the experience considerably.
  • This review was conducted with version 1.1.0 of the game. A performance review will be done in the following patches.

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