RedDeer.Games, an independent video game developer and publisher specializing in publishing games for the Switch, has today expanded its library with a new retro adventure game – For A Vast Future. The second production of May’s Indie Spring Spree is now available for sale on the Nintendo eShop.

For those who purchase the game between now and June 1st, 2023, a whopping 86% discount will be applied. This drops the price from $15 to $2. For A Vast Future takes up 226 MB of space.

For A Vast Future is a turn-based retro vibe game set in a dystopian future, with elements of classic RPGs. Players will be transported to the war-torn land of Seralia, ravaged by recent catastrophes, death, and vile leadership.

Uncertain times have arrived, and the situation is dramatic. While newly formed governments and religious sects exploit – inhabitants struggle to survive, fighting among themselves for scraps.

While some try to live day-to-day – new leaders plan a bloody revenge using new, deadly weapons.

To stop an imminent disaster, players must join forces with underworld criminals. During combat, they will require potent armaments, which can be gathered while playing, along with an intricate crafting mechanism and a multitude of character enhancements.

The infinite character customization options, combined with classic gameplay and modern features, will make each For A Vast Future playthrough an entirely new and unique experience.

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