Earlier in the week, we mentioned that diehard Legend of Zelda fans were lining up at Nintendo NY days in advance of Tears of the Kingdom’s launch. It’s not surprising to see fans camping out in front of the store for a new Nintendo game, as it’s pretty much the mecca for North American fans to descend on. What’s slightly more surprising is seeing fans keep up that excitement outside of NYC.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom launched earlier today, and apparently plenty of fans were eager to pick up a physical copy of the title. Countless game retailers, including big names like GameStop and Best Buy, saw people queuing in the wee hours of the morning to secure their copies of Tears of the Kingdom, along with a Switch OLED, Pro Controller, and other accessories.

We know that big-name Nintendo games often move millions, and seeing lines at Nintendo NY is par for the course. The thing is, outside of Nintendo console launches, it’s not often we see people gathering at brick-and-mortar locations to purchase Nintendo software. It just goes to show how highly-anticipated Link’s latest adventure is!

Want to see some more evidence of lines across the globe? You can check out the collection of tweets below for some pics and vids.


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