The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a massive game that, like its predecessor, basically gives you free rein to pursue nearly all of its goals at your discretion. The training wheels are taken off early, and you are sent along your way with gentle hints as opposed to specific directions.

Worried about the open-ended nature of the game? Afraid of the massive landscape that awaits? Unsure of where to go, what to do, who to see, and when to do it? No worries, as Game Informer has a spoiler-free video that should set you down the right path and have you enjoying the adventure in no time.

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11M ago

Whoops, I think you mean to say Tears of the Kingdoms in this post's title! Not Breath of the Wild!


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Look at toad64's comment, he didn't use the 'adress author' feature so I did it so that it would be seen.