Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call was developed with the intention of it being the final Theatrhythm game, but it wasn’t. Then we saw the release of Theatrhythm Final Bar Line, which is also supposed to be the end of the series. Not surprisingly, the dev team is now saying the franchise could continue, but it’s up to the fans.

Series director Masanobu Suzui and producer Ichiro Hazama spoke with Dengeki Online to discuss all things Theatrhythm, including it supposedly being the end of the franchise. The duo confirms that this installment was indeed developed with the intentions of it being the final entry, but they recognize the fact that they had the same approach with Curtain Call.

While nothing is concrete at the moment, the devs have said that Final Bar Line came about thanks to the support and requests of fans. This means that if enough fans speak up about another installment in the Theatrhythm series, one could come to be. I guess only time (and fans) will tell!

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1y ago

I really enjoyed the original. If I had a Switch I'd certainly be interested in getting Final Bar Line. But they might do another game? At some point the best FF music might have been used right? Unless they plan using the music of FFXVI, FFXVII and FFXVIII ^-^


1y ago


Then why not just get a Switch? They are pretty afordable now and you have literally thousands of games to choose from. Final Bar Line is fantastic by the way.

@RMC: Didn't they continue the series in arcades after Curtain Call?

I didn't go Switch because I felt Wii U was abandoned far to quickly. And for a long time only Odyssey was a must play for me at some point, but not enough to buy a completely new machine. Now there is TOTK and Final Bar Line. It is more tempting to Switch when Pikmin 4 will be released as well. But I don't have a whole lot of time to play al these immediately so I might be better off finishing some cool games I have on 3DS and Wii U and then eventually go for the Switch successor with definitive versions of the above games.