The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is impossibly massive, giving players all sorts of locations, adventures and characters to discover. Two of those characters are Calip and Tauro, and they’ve been the focus of a lot of discussion.

Spoilers ahead for Calip and Tauro!

Fans of Breath of the Wild will no doubt recognize Calip, a researcher who has made a return in Tears of the Kingdom. This time around, he part of the Zonai Survey Team, of which the new character Tauro is also a member. While there might not seem like there’s too much between the duo at first, reading one of Calip’s diary entries reveals the following.

“While Tauro and I were taking a break, he asked me, “Hey, Calip, what attracted you to join the Zonai Survey Team?”

A little flustered, I answered that I heard its research division was led by a brilliant man by the name of Tauro.

Because of you, essentially.

I meant it sincerely, and in my heart, I longed to continue…

“You’re not like these other dullards, you know. You immediately grasp the breadth of my vision.”

Of course, no such thing passed my lips.”

[Calip's diary entry]

After reading this entry, some fans are thinking that Calip’s feelings for Tauro go beyond that of simple friendship or workplace appreciation. Of course, it’s not explicitly stated that Calip has the hots for Tauro, so the interpretation is left up to the reader. After coming across the above diary entry, how did you interpret Calip’s feelings?


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