A second hotfix foe Have a Nice Death is now live, you can read the full patch notes below.


  • New entries in workerguide:
  • => The effects (get a curse to unlock),
  • => The Thing in the Fridge (use the fridge in breakroom to unlock)
  • Changed some entries in workerguide Tutorial for better understanding.
  • Most of the curses have a better and understandable description
  • Added icons to keywords
  • Added correct icons to effects
  • Tooltip on curses: when you choose a curse, a tooltip will display the value of your current statistics and the one you will have by taking the curse
  • Changed Patrice/PumpQuinn dialog about Prismium
  • Changed Patrice/PumpQuinn dialog (shorter) about GPE difficulty in lobby
  • Changed GPE difficulty workerguide unlocking condition: Talk to Patrice about that in lobby OR open the GPE menu
  • Changed food item lore description in Italic
  • The conditions to unlock worker guide entries (description 2 and 3) are now explained
  • Added etter feedbacks when selecting a contract with Jocelyn
  • Now weapons in training room could be sorted by rarity


  • Add a new modifier to the difficulty system to rebalance the change to Injuries done by enemies. At Crisis 4, enemy should now deal the same amount of injuries they did at launch
  • Now crisis give points when dying (Default = 15 points, Crisis X = 500) to encourage people playing in Crisis modes.



-> Changed the movement of the basic attack. Now, itl moves less during the first hit.

Will Hung

-> Add Feedback to strongest attack


-> Changed Spinning Kick Movement Curve -> Added visual feedback when launching attack


-> Fix a collider during several attacks that hit further than intended

Catherine Imamura

-> Fix a collider during an attack that hit further than intended -> Change color of attack feedback to make it more easily distinguishable

Final Boss

-> Cape and spell not removed against life phase 3 now -> In phase 3, the boss starts with more HP 2000>2500 -> Starting Crisis XIII, the boss deletes Curses and weapons


Parasol 1.0

-> Changed cancellation of ground combo attacks. Should be way more responsive

Void Rift

-> Changed the delay of the spell, making it hit earlier


  • Added many new icon to curses Status on player
  • Added new curses to upgrade the effects:“Transfer”, “Counterparty”, Life Insurance”, “Inflation”.
  • Moved the curses “(Very) Irritable Boss Syndrome”, “(Really) Irritable Boss Syndrome”, “(Very, very) Irritable Boss Syndrome”, “Imposing Scythe”, “Noble Scythe” to Blue Tree
  • Moved the curses : “Polish”, “Sharpen”, “Hone” to green tree.
  • Buffed several Periodic Curses to make them trigger faster


  • Missing items in the Shop.
  • “Dig Your Own Grave” curse doesn’t work properly.
  • In the save selection menu, “Game Time” indicator does not increment.
  • With the red curse “No Brakes” activated: if the player gets hit while attacking with a weapon, the hit animation is played and the one for the attack is canceled BUT the player still finishes his movement.
  • In some Intriguing floors, teleportation doesn’t work if damage taken during corner triggers.
  • If the player gets a second weapon with the same status than the one equipped, the second weapon will not trigger the status.
  • Every time the player starts the game, the loading time of reaching the first breakroom is much longer than normal.
  • An asset of a car in the Natural Disasters Department is clipping when the camera zooms in or zooms out. The issue is notable during the arenas.
  • The Control room transformation cannot be used.
  • The run timer does not take into account the last chunk where the player died (also happens if he wins the run).
  • A malus curse may appear bugged if the player has already too many of them.
  • The spell Wishtorm’sound doesn’t have good timing.
  • Rarely, a curse tree can be too long for the menu, because of the possibility to get multiple high rank curses.
  • The “bubble” dialogs allow the player to move around. If the player leaves the dialog area without completing it, the sound that is turned down at the beginning of the dialog is not turned up.
  • If the players use the fast-forward during the ending cinematic of Major Pliskhan, two issues appear:During the explosion screen, a white fadeout appears, then the same picture re-appears.The player can control Death during the cinematic.
  • No SFX when the player is healed in the Breakroom by the Easy mode modifier.
  • There is no SFX on the slam attack of Brad in difficulty mode Crisis XIII.
  • Death slips after a victory in an arena (overlapping animation problem).
  • In the Control room, when the player transforms the scythe “Sickles’ ‘ to “War Sickles’ ‘,it will use many Prismium if the player has more than one.
  • Some entries in the codex are missing when loading a save from an older version of the game.
  • The mini moskitos do not die when hitting the player if he gets damage at the same time, leading to the enemies staying stuck on the player.
  • The dive’s animation of crows is played too soon regarding the attack’s behavior.
  • When the player chooses a contract to Jocelyn then cancels it, the contracts are rerolled.
  • The timer doesn’t stop when the player is choosing a level in the elevator.
  • Sickles damage buff on dash is only calculated once even on multiple stacks.
  • Some projectiles from Infuse status don’t appear.
  • Jabelin weapon breaks the player’s controls when used to leave the training room.
  • Using the space bar doesn’t fast forward the credits.
  • When the player is far enough from Camille Flage (Thanager) to let her walk for a long time, she may “slide” (the animation is frozen) to the player until being in attack’s range.
  • The Player is able to pass through some doors in the Natural Disasters Department.
  • Spells that track enemies sometimes lose their focus.
  • “Morthral Enemy”curse targeting issue during Mr. Gordon Grimes fight.
  • Enemy projectiles won’t destroy and get stuck against colliders.
  • Can’t rebind the left and down inputs in the options
  • Some quests that weren’t trigger are now accessible: The Rumor
  • First dialog of the quest about Pumpquinn’s school bag coming back after finishing the quest.
  • Some duo random dialogs have some missing speaker or wrong NPC spawned.
  • Some issues with the fridge UI in Breakroom
  • Health upgrades and weapons appear against Imamura if taking the boss elevator
  • Secret rooms map icons showing even when the room is not open
  • The same pickable lore item could be found in the same floor
  • Some images from the worker guide were too pixelized or blurred
  • Easier to reach the max number of the soul counter (acceleration of display speed)


  • Sometimes, the invocation of the Ulcermonner not appear. It leads to the arena staying locked, even the security does not trigger. The issue occurs more often when you hit the enemy with the kunai and the curse “Infuse: lightning strike” while he summons.


Some crashes may occur with Integrated graphics (GPU built into the processor), particularly Intel.

[Have a Nice Death]

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