Side-scroller 'Re:TAKE' coming to Switch in 2023

Very different from a double take

16 May 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Developer KU Games has announced that they’re bringing their fantasy 2D side-scroller Re:TAKE to the Switch at some point in 2023.

A kingdom was attacked by a Horde of skeletons and a Black dragon with a mysterious flying object. The being that emerged from the unidentified flying object was proclaimed the “Demon King” by the people who saw it…

Your story is to wage battle against the Demon King!

Colossal Skeletons! Giant Dragons! The Gargantuan Ancient machine!? There are even Giant Sharks in this multi world encounter!! There are numerous difficult stages on Land, Air and Sea that lie before you on the road to defeat the Demon King!

You can choose from more than 10 different characters with different skills and types! Choose the one that fits your play style and upgrade your favorite character. Hunt your favorite monster as a pet and fight together with him! When your favorite monster emerges, you can get it as a rare item through repeated battles.

Pets level up over the course of battle and become powerful partners. Also you can go on an adventure with your dog or cat too. Up to 4 people can play co-op with your friends and family offline!

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