Team17 Digital and moi rai games have unlocked and released the ‘Relics of Chaos’, a free and brand-new update and mode for the monster collecting Metroidvania game, Monster Sanctuary. Available now on Switch, the update is the latest for Monster Sanctuary, which was released in 2020 and sees players explore 14 different lands to stop the growing threat to the harmonious peace between monsters and humanity.

The mode introduces Relics, a new and powerful equipment type, providing monster keepers with boosted abilities and effects to aid their adventure to save the titular monster sanctuary, although some of these new items also come with drawbacks…

Thirty-nine super-charged Relics feature in ‘Relics of Chaos’, including Tiny Pin, which increases attack damage by 30%, reduces damage taken by the monster keeper by 10%, and heals by 30% of the damage taken; One Punch Fist, which increases the attack damage of the first hit by 30%; and Static Loop, which increases non-critical attack damage by 20%. In Relic mode, each area features one random Relic, hidden in a random chest alongside normal items. Random Relics can also be acquired from the new Arena Coupon NPC once the rank of Keeper Master has been reached.

Five new skills also feature in the update, including:

  • Static Strike: First hit never misses and deals 15% more damage when not critical
  • Riposte: Counterattack with 300% defence and triples the chance to trigger on hit effects
  • Shock Support: Non-damaging actions apply shock to two random enemies
  • Heavy Hitter: Monster gains 1% critical damage for every 20 defence
  • Healing Echo: When using a single target healing action, also heal another ally with the lowest health by 35% of that ability’s total healing amount

Alongside wholesale fixes and quality of life improvements, the update also makes advancements to PvP gameplay, a key component of Monster Sanctuary’s success within the community over the past two years.

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