The original Alien Hominid released over two decades ago, back in August of 2002. All these years later, The Behemoth is returning to the franchise that started it all for them with Alien Hominid Invasion, slated for Switch release later this year.

In an interview with Prankster101, dev Ian Moreno opens up about just how much has changed from the first title to this follow-up. Not surprisingly, while some elements are staying the same, a heaping helping of features are brand-new, and plenty has changed as well.

Looking at the things, the original game was a one-hit kill, now we have a health bar. The original was an old school arcade style side-scroller, where you would pan left to right, and it was mainly interpreting that with everything we’ve learned, and these new modern gameplay mechanics. So now in the game, it’s more of an open playground. You can go left, you can go right. There’s a lot more verticality, a lot more maneuverability, and acrobatics for the alien themselves. It was more about “what is this new version?”. Like I said, when we were rethinking it, these things just came up naturally, but it was still a challenge to make sure that we’re able to retain the spirit of the original game whilst also modernizing it at the same time. Then there’s the issue of bringing the game to four players. The original only supported up to two players, and now we have four-player – local and online. As we all know, collaborative multiplayer is a very hard task. Making sure your multiplayer is good, where you’re able to track the aliens and have a solid online experience.

[Ian Moreno, developer]

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