Falcom has started sharing new details on Ys X: Nordics, and today we get to learn a bit about Mana Actions.

In Ys X -Nordics-, players will be able to pull off various Mana Actions. One of them is the Grimble Board: it allows you to float above the ground and glide around. Thanks to the Grimble Board, you can move across water (something you normally cannot do), and you can also ride Wind Paths (that allow for high-speed travel in the air).

Another Mana Action is the Mana String. It makes use of an item known as “Nornir’s Spinning Wheel”, which can extend a string of mana. That string can be used to move to distant points with a pendulum-like movement. You can also strengthen the string and use it to pull out objects to use as foothold and to hit switches in dungeons.


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