SEASON ZERO: Ranked Season Zero starts with v24.40 and lasts until the end of Battle Royale Chapter 4 Season 3. During this time, Epic will make any adjustments to address issues and concerns that arise, while also working on additional features and overall improvements for when Ranked starts following the normal Fortnite Battle Royale Season schedule.

RANKS EXPLAINED: Ranks span across Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Elite, Champion, and Unreal. The following Battle Royale and Zero Build mode(s) will support Ranked play to start: Battle Royale Solo, Duos, Squads; Zero Build, Duos.

All the loot and other gameplay features in Ranked will be exactly the same as in traditional Battle Royale and Zero Build. Both Battle Royale and Zero Build will have a Ranked option, and players will have a separate Rank for each one.

When players join a Ranked match, they can complete Ranked Urgent Quests to unlock Seasonal cosmetic rewards. The final cosmetic reward of Season Zero is the Burn Bright Emote.

HOW RANKING UP WORKS: If “Ranked” is set to “On,” the Lobby will have players’ current Rank on the left of the screen. There will also be a progress bar indicating how far players are from advancing to the next Rank or returning to the previous one. How much the progress bar increases or recedes after a match will depend on eliminations and match placement – see the blog for more details on these factors as they pertain to teams.

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