As the June launch of A Little to the Left: Cupboards & Drawers approaches, developer Max Inferno and publisher Secret Mode are delighted to announce that cozy tidying up puzzle game A Little to the Left has sold half-a-million copies.

In six months since release, players have tidied up over 554 million campaign items, played over 173 million Daily Tidy puzzles, and used over 70 million hints. You can find all the headline stats from A Little to the Left’s first 500,000 sales via this neat and tidy infographic:


In the upcoming Cupboards & Drawers DLC, sort, stack and organize household objects into particular arrangements. Prepare to clean out the cabinets and secret compartments of the home with even more charming illustrations, surprising scenarios and 25 delightful new Cupboards & Drawers themed puzzles to discover.

  • 25 new puzzles: a mixture of Cupboards & Drawers themed levels and traditional organization levels
  • Puzzles nested within puzzles
  • New functionality: multiple steps to organizing within a single level
  • Secret compartments
  • Multiple drawers that are opened/closed within a level, requiring players to move objects between them

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