Nicolas Cage to star in Dead by Daylight

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17 May 2023
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Legendary actor Nicolas Cage can officially add gaming sensation to his resumé. The game unveiled the news on May 17th at 11:00 AM EDT, confirming that the award-winning thespian will be joining Dead by Daylight’s impressive character roster – as himself.

Boasting more than 50 million downloads internationally, Dead by Daylight is an action-horror asymmetrical multiplayer game in which one unstoppable Killer hunts down four Survivors through a terrifying game of hide and seek.

Nicolas Cage is an actor, director, and producer whose remarkable versatility has led to great success across all genres for over four decades. Cage’s recent work has been tremendously well received by both audiences and critics alike.

After countless awards and over one hundred movies shot across the globe, Nicolas Cage had seen it all and done it all – or so he thought. While on set filming the role of a lifetime, his performance summoned The Entity, a malevolent being of incomprehensible power. The actor soon found himself cast in otherworldly Fog, forced to Survive a host of terrifying Killers deadlier than even the most scathing film critic. Learn more about Nic Cage’s arrival in Dead by Daylight on July 5th.


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