Railway Empire 2 Official Game Guides revealed

Which one will you choo-choose?

17 May 2023
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Publisher Kalypso Media have today revealed their latest collaborative project with German publishing house BILDNER Verlag, Railway Empire 2: The Official Game Guides. The comprehensive game guide will feature detailed descriptions and imagery of the 60 locomotives found in-game, gameplay tips and tricks, and comprehensive guides to maximize your efficiency across the sprawling maps and scenarios.

BILDNER Verlag publishing house specializes in educational content for video games and hobbies with a heavy digital component, such as photography.

The guides will consist of three books: The ‘Official Compendium’, ‘Official Engine Catalogue’, and ‘Official Mission Guide’, which can be purchased separately or as a bundle, with each one focused on a separate aspect of the Railway Empire 2 experience.

The Official Compendium: Information and tips for the core gameplay, enabling you to get the best start possible in the campaign, or learn new tricks for your next playthrough!

The Official Engine Catalogue: Detailed pictures and information on the 60 historically accurate locomotives found in game!

The Official Mission Guide: Walkthroughs and suggestions for the 14 scenarios and detailed campaign map across Europe and America.

Railway Empire 2: The Official Game Guides will be released in e-book format alongside Railway Empire 2 on the 25th of May and will RRP for £5.49 each, with the 3 guide bundle having an RRP of £13.99. They will be available for purchase from Steam, The BILDNER Verlag website (https://bildnerverlag.de/en), and e-book retailers. Physical editions of the books will be available from retailers in June.


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