Ys X: Nordics 'Mana Burst' detailed

Bursting with new details

17 May 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Falcom has started sharing new details on Ys X: Nordics, and today we get to learn a bit about Mana Burst.

Mana Burst is one of the Mana Actions players can pull off in Ys X -Nordics-. It’s an elemental attack that deals damage to all enemies within range. It can be unleashed by charging a regular attack. With Adol, the attack will be fire-based, and with Carja, it will be ice-based.

That said, Mana Burst can be used for more than simply dispatching enemies: the fire-based attack can burn vines blocking the path in dungeons, while the ice-based attack can be used to create platforms.

Another Mana Action is the Mana String. It makes use of an item known as “Nornir’s Spinning Wheel”, which can extend a string of mana. That string can be used to move to distant points with a pendulum-like movement. You can also strengthen the string and use it to pull out objects to use as foothold and to hit switches in dungeons.


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