Vigor has been updated to Ver. 15.0. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Main Features & New Additions

  • Chronicles: Salvation Battle Pass has arrived!
  • Experience Encounters in Myren
  • Dominate the battlefield with the new powerful L96
  • Enjoy the new visualization of levelling up your Shelter
  • New Premium Pack: One-Eyed Menace has arrived

Encounters, Shooting, Weapons, Tools, and Looting

  • Added: Better indicators of the shooting range targets once a shooting challenge begins
  • Added: New glass loot resource in Encounters
  • Fixed: Loaded ammo is lost after death (despite insurance) with full inventory if the amount of loaded ammo exceeds inventory slot capacity
  • Fixed: Aim assist snapping removed during camera switch from left to right side
  • Fixed: Holstering weapon while sprinting cancels the sprint
  • Fixed: When you have “Aim Button” set to “Toggle” in your “Controls”, you will be able to move and hold your breath when in ADS
  • Changed: Removed low rarity knives from Loot Events
  • Changed: Aim assist is now applied when aiming at AI in the tutorial
  • Tweaked: Improved Airdrop rewards based on Booster level
  • Tweaked: Increased concentration of loot in loot sources in lower Booster levels

Shelter, Battle Pass, Legacy Season Battle Pass

  • Added: Categorization of weapons in the “Equip” tab
  • Added: Onboarding login rewards
  • Added: Notifications when your Shelter generators have reached maximum production capacity
  • Fixed: Reduced crafting time from Water Distillation isn’t updated immediately
  • Changed: “Effective Range” in the weapon info window has been renamed to “Muzzle Speed”


  • Added: New set of seasonal challenges with a new reward
  • Changed: Description of “Disruptor” challenge to make it more clear

Audio and Visuals

  • Fixed: Hit animation triggered when a grenade explodes close to your character even though you are behind an obstacle and you took no damage
  • Fixed: Pressing the ready button in the last seconds of loading will have the ready sound persist throughout the whole game session
  • Fixed: Tomato Pattern skin icon for Berry M12 is now displayed properly

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