Developers Christophe Galati and Deneos, the team behind Save me Mr Tako, have announced Tako no Himitsu: Ocean of Secrets, an action RPG that has a shot at coming to Switch.

Tako no Himitsu: Ocean of Secrets is an indie action RPG made as a tribute to the Game Boy Advance era of gaming. A spiritual successor to Save me Mr Tako, play in a world where Octopuses were erased from history.

Following centuries of peace after the last war between Octopuses and Humans, the world must now face the secrets of its past. Wild animals are slowly disappearing, tensions between countries are brewing following the rise of the mysterious Temple of the Order, and shadow voids are appearing across the lands.

While the Kickstarter for this project hasn’t launched yet, we already know that it will include a stretch goal for a Switch release. Unfortunately, we don’t know the amount of that stretch goal just yet. When the Kickstarter does launch, we’ll be sure to bring you full details.

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