A massive round of screens and details have come in for Dragon Quest X “The Sleeping Hero and the Guiding Ally.” If you just want to see the various screens and art, you can find a jam-packed gallery here. If you’d rather read all the new details, you can find those below, courtesy of a Gematsu translation.

■ “Battle Phantasm”: The New High-Difficulty Battle Content

The large-scale expansion downloadable content for Dragon Quest X: Rise of the Five Tribes Offline, called Dragon Quest X: The Sleeping Hero and the Guiding Ally Offline. will feature a new, highly difficult battle mode—“Fantasy Battle War of Reminiscence: Battle Phantasm”! Only battle-tested adventurers can participate in this battle competition, and you will be able to fight against various teams of strong monsters.

—If you meet the requirements, you can participate from the reception at the Colosseum on Amusement Park Rakkaran.

—If you meet the requirements, you can participate from the reception at the Colosseum on Amusement Park Rakkaran.

—The enemies you’ve fought up to this point have been recreated with new combinations using a special machine.

—The battles are filled with enemies that will defeat you in an instant unless you give it your all! You can enjoy battles that really test your skills.

■ Max Level is Now 99 – New Moves and Special Attacks

With the expansion downloadable content, the max levels of the main character and allies has greatly increased from 70 to 99. In addition, there will be new special trials to help you learn new moves and special attacks. Raise your and your party’s level, unlock new skills, and fight against the strong enemies waiting for you in the land of Rendashia!

—After you install the expansion downloadable content, a new quest will appear that will lead you to unlock the increased max level at the Wena Islands.

—Unlock the max level while following the guidance of the light gurus.

—Obtaining Skill Points by leveling up will allow you to unlock more powerful skills!

■ Special Trials Can Be Received at the Temple of Dharma

At the Temple of Dharma in the land of Rendashia is a skill master. If he deems you worthy, he will provide a special trial that will allow you to unlock a new skill panel.

–Skill Master – Teacher of Skills.

—You must defeat the formidable enemies in the trials given by the Skill Master.

—Your show of strength will unlock the skill panel, which will in turn allow you and your allies to learn new special moves.

■ The New Spells, Moves, and Special Attacks That Can Be Learned



Known as the Final Secret Technique of the Sword God. This one-handed special attack will deal a massive amount of damage to one enemy.


A special spell that unleashes a fire unto the enemy, in a flame so powerful it shakes the ground. This can be learned by leveling up the dancer.

—Luxury Rim

A special attack worthy for a superstar. As it deals damage to all enemies, it will bring gold consumption to zero due to its follow-up special move.


—Super Snow Random Freeze Attack

A special attack learned through the Club Skill. Attack five straight times to one enemy with an ice club, and decrease their ice resistance.

—God Smash

A special attack of the Claw Skill that rips through the enemy group. Together with Flash of God, it can deal a large amount of damage.


—Sunlight Arrow

A special attack for the Arrow Skill in which the enemy group will be randomly attacked with light element damage. Countless light arrows will rain down from the heavens.


A special spell that can be learned through Laguas’Royal Skill. It can fully restore one ally’s HP.


—Spirit Zone

The special attack for Stick Skill, where all allies’ MP are gradually restored. It can restore up to 200 MP.

—Magic Burst

The strongest attack spell that can by learned via the Wind Riding Skill. Using up all MP, it deals massive damage to all enemies in a gigantic explosion.


—Whirlwind Slash

A special attack using a two-handed sword, cutting down enemies by hitting them with strong winds that he himself created.

—Unparalleled Attack

A special move for Hussar’s Cool Skill. He attacks one enemy by slashing six straight times.


—Agonizing Omnidirectional Strike

A special attack for the Whip Skill, which inflicts so much damage that it causes enemies to faint. It’s possible to attack the entire enemy group.

—Earth Crush

A special attack for the Hammer Skill. It has enough power to destroy even the earth below. It inflicts earth damage to all enemies.

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