Nintendo UK has reveal the pre-order bonus for the upcoming Mario Strikers: Battle League game, if you secure your copy now through My Nintendo Store UK, you’ll get a comfy scarf modeled after the game.

Mario Strikers: Battle League will be released on June 10th, 2022, for the Nintendo Switch.

About the game:

Prepare for Strike, a five-on-five soccer-like sport with no rules – do whatever it takes to win! In this game, you can tackle, use items and activate special shots. Up to eight players – four players on each team – can compete against each other on one Nintendo Switch system. In addition to individual matches, online play will let 20 players join up and compete to become the world’s top club. The main rule in this sport is to rule the field!

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2y ago

Well, that's a really random pre-order bonus.


2y ago


It's not random at all. Scarves have been the primary form of soccer memorabilia in England for about a century.


2y ago

It would be interesting to see the quality of the scarf, they can vary greatly and this could be really cheap. Also, those colours would probably best attract Wolverhampton Wanderers supporters.


2y ago


Oh really? I don't follow most sports, so I wasn't aware.