Nicalis, Inc. has announced that Cramped Room of Death will be available on Switch July 19th, 2023 as a digital download on the Switch eShop. The game will be priced at $10 and you can check out the launch date trailer above.

Developed by Hafiz Mohd Rozlan, Cramped Room of Death is a puzzle game masquerading as a dungeon adventure. You play as a brave adventurer named Lance who attempts to navigate through a deadly underground labyrinth armed only with a giant spear. That may sound like a good weapon to have, but sometimes Lance can’t even turn to face an enemy because the hallways are too narrow and the spear is too long.

Every room has tight turns, deadly traps and very little margin for error. There are sliding blocks, crumbling platforms, spiked floors, enemies with ranged weapons… you’ll have to plan your moves carefully if you expect to recover all of your stolen treasure. Each step you take could be your last!

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