CONVERGENCE: A League of Legends Story is a story-driven action platformer that takes place in the LoL universe and helps expands the reach of the franchise. While Riot Forge is the developer on LoL proper, they decided to work with Speed Brawl developer Double Stallion to make CONVERGENCE a reality.

In an interview with Dual Shockers, Double Stallion’s Daniel Ménard shares insight into how his team got the opportunity to work on a League of Legends spin-off.

“When we launched Speed Brawl, we submitted it to a few festivals, and along the way, someone at Riot Forge played the game. They liked the style and the way we were expressing action gameplay and then they contacted us asking if we’d like to do something in the League of Legends universe. I was like, ‘We get to work on something in League of Legends, are you kidding me?’”.

[Double Stallion’s Daniel Ménard]

Even more surprising, Riot Forge told Double Stallion that they could take anything from the League of Legends universe and use it as the base for the game they wanted to make.

“That was one of the really great things about Riot Forge. They said, ‘Hey, we really like what you do, we like the way you develop your games. It was up to us to decide what story we wanted to tell.”

[Double Stallion’s Daniel Ménard]

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