Dead Cells has been updated to Ver. 1.25.0 (Clean Cut Update). You can see the patch notes for this update below.

  • New Survival Weapon: Sewing Scissors.
  • Instakills all enemies it hits, as long as at least one of them dies to the weapon’s standard damage.
  • New Brutality Weapon: Giant Comb.
  • Throws your enemies upwards, and deals critical damage to airborne mobs!
  • New NPC: Tailor’s Daughter.
  • Find her in the Tailor’s Room, and talk to her to freely change the look of your head.
  • New Speedrun Mode option.
  • Activate it to track and display the completion time of each biome. Also tracks your previous bests and compares them!
  • New Boss Rush DIY Mode, that lets you choose whichever bosses you want to face in a run.
  • The 3 Bosses from Return to Castlevania are now accessible in Boss Rush.
  • Lots of rework on the Training Room! We added a bunch of options to streamline the experimentation process, such as:

New UIs to spawn a specific weapon with a set Level, Quality and Legendary-ness.

New UI to choose a certain number of scrolls

New UI to choose the overall scaling level of the Training Room, based on the values of a selected biome.

Added the mini-bosses to the mob spawners

Added a bunch of different traps to the mob rooms.

Added the Return to Castlevania Bosses.

Bosses aren’t scaled down to level 1 anymore! (no more 20 minutes fights)

Changed the UI to select mobs to a grid-based one.

Added a Training Dummy for DPS calculation.


  • Slow effects now stack up to 5 times. Each stack has a greater slowing effect, then the affected enemy is frozen at the fifth stack.
  • Bunch of Mutation Reworks:
  • Combo: Enable a damage increase with every melee hit in a 2.5 sec window (of course the window refreshes after every hit). It scales exponentially, go crazy with it!
  • Tainted Flask: Can recharge even if your flask is not totally empty. It also adds 1 more elite into every biome when equipped.
  • Networking: Marks enemies with ranged attacks now, there doesn’t need to be an actual projectile stuck in the mob’s body anymore.
  • Berserker: Can now stack, and renders you immune to stuns.
  • What Doesn’t Kill You: Now grants recovery instead of healing.
  • Necromancy: Also now grants recovery instead of healing. It scales with the max health of the mobs you kill, which means you can get more recovery by killing a stronger enemy. The cap has been removed, but it’s less effective as you get closer to max health.
  • Frostbite: Now stacks with slow effects and acts as a full stack on frozen targets.
  • Dead Inside: Doubles your life but prevents ALL healing sources.
  • Disengagement: No more cooldown!.. but can only trigger once per biome.
  • Return to Castlevania balancing:
  • Whip Sword – Whip Form now passes through shields.
  • Whip Sword’s transformation attack hitbox tended to bug, it should now be consistent with its visual FX, which means it won’t only hit one single target anymore. The ghosts gathered by Death’s Scythe now have a slightly smaller explosion radius.
  • Bible is now considered to be a heavy weapon.
  • Alucard’s Shield has better parry windows, and the whole combo will now crit after a parry.
  • Rebound Stone now deals slightly more damage, and has a smaller but longer window before being able to “catch it” (i.e., trigger the crit). Its cooldown now starts upon its destruction.
  • Holy Water has a bigger vertical hitbox, and the flame now deals damage.
  • Medusa Head deals more damage and bumps further.
  • Added a long cooldown when the Cat is killed by the Queen.
  • Throwing Axe can no longer roll the Fire Bullet affix.
  • Medusa’s flurry attacks should now have a small pause after the end of the attack.
  • Haunted Armor (the one with an axe) should now activate at a slightly longer range.
  • Elite Mermans should now fire 2 big fireballs instead of a big one and a normal one.
  • Dracula (Humanoid)’s fire pillars are now slightly easier to avoid (in terms of intervals) but are not rollable anymore.
  • Dracula (Demon), Buer, Werewolves and Medusa are now considered to be Beasts (crits with the Crowbar).
  • Reverted the change on What Doesn’t Kill You. It now grants healing instead of recovery again.
  • Dead Inside now allows for healing with recovery.

Level design

  • The Mimic can now appear randomly in shops outside of the Bank. Mwahahahah
  • Switched the Dracula Castle (Hard) Cursed Chest chance to 10%.

Graphics & UI

  • Added a new Petrification affect icon.
  • Reorganized the partners part of the credits.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Agitated Pickpocket being able to hit through Global Shields.
  • Fixed a crash when an Automaton falls off a platform while using its Dash Attack.
  • Fixed a crash when saving a reloading while a Petrified enemy is on screen.
  • Fixed a softlock when falling off the map during Dracula – Final Form, while all platforms were destroyed.
  • Fixed a crash when using the Emergency Door during the Queen boss fight.
  • Fixed the Shop Mimic’s hitboxes being too big compared to the visual.
  • Fixed Cursed Sword not disabling other inventory items when switched slots.
  • Fixed a crash in Shipwreck, when a platform is destroyed at the same time as Mushroom Boi is spawned.
  • Fixed being able to duplicate Turrets using the Emergency Door.
  • Fixed Diverse Deck – Foresight tagging the blocked attacks as if they were blocked by a shield.
  • Fixed Serenade destroying deployables when activated.
  • Fixed Gold Plating not protecting against Dracula – Final Form’s grab.
  • Fixed Bobby Head’s disappearing in the Tailor’s Room.
  • Fixed Bible’s projectile disappearing after a cutscene.
  • Fixed Heal Flask glow effect also affecting the player’s glow effect.
  • Fixed weapons’ crit indicator sometimes not displaying.
  • Fixed Morning Star’s chain detaching itself from the base.
  • Fixed Pets’ behavior being broken in Dracula’s opening cutscene.
  • Fixed a crash when loading a save near the Bank elevator.
  • Fixed “Hold to Jump” option instantly using the double jump.

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