Giraffe and Annika developer atelier mimina has announced Haruka: Beyond the Stars for the Switch, and you can see the game’s debut trailer above. Haruka: Beyond the Stars won’t see release until 2025.

Haruka: Beyond the Stars is a juvenile science-fiction RPG about the intergalactic adventures of the protagonist, Yuuki, and a mysterious girl named Miiya. Set out on a spaceship and explore unique planets. Enjoy a thrilling adventure in the latest 3D anime art style.

Humankind faces its twilight in the far future. Having explored every corner of the universe, people have stopped progressing—their lifestyle now dependent on Energy Capsules, a legacy of their past.

Yuuki is a boy living in Spica Village, a base for receiving Energy Capsules from the lunar ruins. One night, he meets Miiya, a mysterious girl who crash-landed due to a spaceship malfunction.

Their meeting sparks the beginning of an intergalactic journey in search of Yuuki’s father, who left for space to unravel the mystery behind humankind’s decline!

​Your Adventure Awaits – Explore the planets’ vast fields. Fun and excitement await! Scour every corner and solve mysteries!

Thrilling Battles – Fight your way through exciting battles while switching between the protagonist, Yuuki, and the heroine, Miiya. Face off against unique bosses at the end of each episode! Battle your foes while countering their different gimmicks!

​Manga-Style Cutscenes – Part of the story is presented in a manga-style format. Enjoy the story in manga and anime style!

​10 Episodes of Excitement – Enjoy 10 episodes presented in a TV anime series format! Each episode ends with a preview of the next one.

​Extra Challenges – Collect all cat pictures scattered throughout the world and win wonderful prizes! Characters

Yuuki – A boy waiting at home for his father who left for the far reaches of the universe. He dreams of venturing into space someday. He likes tinkering with machines and maintains communications facilities daily. The device on his back is for recovering energy capsules.

Miiya – She meets Yuuki when her spaceship crash-lands on his planet on an out-of-season snowy day. Her bright and carefree personality cheers her friends on. She is a mysterious girl full of secrets.

MukuMuku – Yuuki’s mysterious alien companion. She has a precocious personality and is proud of her beautiful figure. Her pet phrase is, “I’mma protect Yuuki!” She has psychic powers and is always ready to help in a pinch.

Ronado – A butler robot who faithfully carries out his duties of taking care of Miiya. He always puts his mistress, Miiya, first. He can’t say no to Miiya, no matter how unreasonable her requests are. He looks prim and proper but actually has a chivalric and masculine personality, as his speech patterns show.

Julius – A nice young man from a wealthy royal family who comes by private ship in search of Miya. He’s about 17 years old, and has the same thing as Miya, but it’s a secret now…

Cats Alien – The Mutepian tribe possesses technology far superior to that of humans. It looks cute. very cute.

Other – Pleasant characters appear one after another!?

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